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What are the Benefits?

  • Reduced Interest Rates

    Eliminate the high interest rates and pay effectively no interest.

  • Lower Your Monthly Payments

    Have more money left over each month for savings, paying down other debts more quickly, or even taking a vacation.

  • Simplified Payment

    Stop stressing about having to make several payments.

debt settlement

Debt Settlement

Settlement negotiations usually require a third-party representative who discusses your debt and the possibility of lowering it down with a creditor or collector.

  • Pros

  • An immediate method of settling all your debts

  • It helps to get rid of collectors and creditors

  • Cons

  • Could result in higher interest rates and longer payment terms

  • Some lenders might not accept your settlement offer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1

    What is debt settlement?

    Debt settlement means that a creditor has agreed to accept less than the amount you owe as full payment.

  • 2

    How do I build my credit score after a debt settlement program?

    What helps your score bounce back is paying all of your other bills on time outside of the debt settlement program. When you complete your program you might want to consider using a small balance credit card to help build your score back even faster.

  • 3

    How long does it take to repair credit after a debt settlement program?

    Usually about 4-6 months is you are consistent with on time payments.

  • 4

    Should I use a debt settlement company?

    You want to make sure you use the right debt settlement company. A good company with accreditations and verified client reviews offers a number of advantages when attempting to settle with a creditor. Typically the firm has relationships with creditors and knows the best deal they'd be willing to offer so you know you are getting the most savings possible. Also, a debt settlement company has much more leverage than an individual consumer because they're representing thousands of clients. The relationship, leverage, and expertise are why it's better than trying to figure it out the hard way.

  • 5

    Are there fees involved?

    Debt settlement programs have been designed to provide relief. Any fees are always built into the lower consolidated payment and it's a small percentage of what the debt settlement program saves you over all. It's also backed by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

  • 6

    Can I change the date of my debt settlement program payment?

    Yes we offer lots of flexibility and understand your situation might change. Should you wish to modify your due date for valid reasons, please contact our support team at least 5 days prior to your program payment to make a change to your payment date.

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